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My name is Connie.이름은코니야.                         It’s nice to meet you! 만나서반가워요!

Hi there! this is my website.                                                      안녕!이건 내 웹 사이트야.

I’m a blogger and content creator currently based in Manchester in the UK, but I have plans to move to Seoul, South Korea, in the Spring of 2019. My long term goal is to educate and inform people around the world about the benefits of mental health care and awareness. I care passionately about mental health issues and providing a safe space for discussions regarding awareness, lifestyle and treatment and rather than being one of those people who is all talk about mental well being I want to be all about action. I am moving to Korea because South Korea has the highest suicide rate of any OECD country, and I want to learn what I can do to help change that. However, the message I hope to share is one that I hope can be carried worldwide, and I hope to help as many people as possible.

While mental health is at the core of what I do, that isn’t all I talk about. I am learning Korean, slowly and I’m a bit of a culture vulture. I love the theatre, books, art, poetry, music, food but, most of all, I enjoy sharing my own stories and providing a space for others to share their stories. I believe it is important to celebrate all our #LittleVictories, that people need to be open about when they don’t feel their best in order to show others that they are not alone, and that all aspects of daily life can effect our mental health. 

Which is why I created my blog.


If you have any feedback, or if you just want to say hi, hello or 안녕, please do leave a comment or contact me through my social media links @connieunkiga , or even check out my Contacts page to send me an email.



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