What to expect – 예상할 수 있는 것

Ahead of my trip I thought I would let you know what I’m looking forward to and what you can expect to see and read from my trip.

1] Food – 음식

No surprise really, but I’m so excited for all the different foods I’m going to try. Japchae 잡채, Ddukbokki 떡볶이, Samgyeopsal 삼겹살, Gimbap 김밥… the list is almost endless. And as well as trying all this food, in restaurants, at vendors and at the homes of kind friends and hosts, I will be cooking some too! So look out for lots of food pictures on my Instagram and watch out for my reviews and recipes on here.

2] People – 사람들

I’m thrilled, excited and moved by how many people have asked to meet up with me on my first trip to Seoul. Friends old and new have filled my diary with fun activities and generous offers to take me out for drinks or meals, and in some cases have even invited me to eat at their home. I’m very lucky to have such a supportive network of people to help me as I try to navigate my first Korean experiences and I will write about some of them in future posts. You might even see the occasional selfie or group photo.

3] Places – 장소

As well as people I’m excited to see, there are many places I am excited to see to. Places of historical, cultural or personal importance, as well as some places that are just pretty or fun. I will be sure to record and write about what spots and location I feel are worthwhile, what might not live up to the hype, and I will be sure to pass on any hidden gems that I come across while I am there. I will also try, as hard as I can, to explain clearly how to get to these places and how much it might cost. If there are any places you think I should try to go to, please do leave a comment or send me a tweet.

4] What next? – 다음은무엇을까?

This trip isn’t simply for pleasure. I plan to move to Seoul and I feel that in order to live and work there successfully and happily I need to learn about and connect with the people, the culture and the values of South Korea. This first trip, in a way, is to get all the giddy, excited, rose-tinted, newness out of the way so that I can really start to build relationships and set foundations for my move. All of the things I mentioned above will contribute to the laying of these foundations, and there are some serious discussions to be had and decisions to make… but for now, I’m just excited to be going 😀

Is there anything in particular you want me to include in my posts? Leave me a comment to let me know!

한국에 대해 특별히 하실 말씀이 있으신가요의견을 남겨서 알려 주세요!

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