What’s in my bag? – 제 핸드백에 무엇이 있나요?

  • Purse

I will be taking this small, pink, zip-up purse with me to Seoul to use as my everyday purse. It’s small enough to fit in either my handbag or my pocket and the zip keeps my money and cards safe. It is also conveniently sized so I can fit more things in my bag. Also, this purse has a little gold bee on it, which reminds me of home and my home city of Manchester. If you didn’t know, one of Manchester’s best known symbols is the worker bee, which is rooted in it’s industrial history. The bee has come to represent the people of Manchester, with the city being our hive. For more information, click here.

  • Camera/Cameras

Honestly this is a bit of a cheat, because out of the 3 cameras I am bringing only 1 will actually fit in my bag. However, the other two will be carried either in another camera bag, or simply hung over my neck. I will be bringing my GoPro camera, and its accessories, my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ330 12.1 MP Compact Digital Camera and my classic Polaroid camera. My Polaroid camera I will only be taking to special destinations and occasions as it is too precious (and inconvenient) to take with me everywhere.

  • Phone

This is a bit of an obvious one. I need my phone to contact my friends and for the very useful apps I downloaded which should help me navigate my way around Seoul. It will also be used for photos and filming… so I guess its like a 4th camera…

  • SPF/cushion foundation

This is just to touch up my make-up and make sure I am protected from the sun. The compact cushion I use is the Dream Cushion with SPF 20 from Maybelline in shade 01 (oh boy am I pale) and I really like it as its light and makes my skin look dewy and natural. It also lasts ages and doesn’t run or rub off on my clothes so that,s an added win.

  • Hair Tie

This is kind of self explanatory. I have a lot of hair. It gets in the way. So I have a hair tie to tie it up into a ponytail.

  • Portable charger

I got a new on of these recently and it is a LIFE SAVER. My phone runs out of charge so quickly, especially if I have apps running and I’m using the internet a lot. So I will have this tiny little cuboid of genius to rescue me when my battery is low. It only takes half an hour to charge and then has enough juice to recharge my phone twice! I know, its great.

  • Lip balm

Again, self explanatory. Gotta keep those lips hydrated y’all.

  • List of names, locations and contact information

This will be my cheat sheet if I end up totally lost or in a situation where I need help. I will have the names, location and other information in English, romanised Korean AND Hangul so that if I am unable to fully communicate with a local (which lets be honest is more than likely) I can show them what I need or where I want to get to so that they can understand.

  • Useful phrases and manners.

This too will be useful when interacting with people in Seoul. Korean culture is drastically different from British culture, and it is my absolute least intention to offend or upset anyone. I intend to learn and adapt as much as I can, so I can connect and build strong, lasting relationships with native Koreans. While there are somethings I am pretty certain I will remember, there are other things (pronouns, manners, phrases and customs) that I might forget. Bringing flash-cards with me for me to look at while on the subway, or in a taxi, will help me to remind myself of the proper behavior and manners. While I absolutely don’t think anyone will tell me off for not remembering something, I think it’s common courtesy to try to behave in a way that is recognisable and common for your hosts. Please don’t think that if you come to Korea you will be shunned if you don’t know everything. That is not the case.



What do you take with you in your bag when you travel? Is there something I have forgotten? Please leave a comment and let me know.

여행할 때 가방에 무엇을 가지고 가나요? 제가 잊어 버린 것이 있나요? 댓글 남겨서 알려 주세요.

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