My Journey – 나의 여행

Hi all,

I got back from my first trip to Korea yesterday (16th May)  and, while I’m still exhausted from the jet lag, I am already so excited and ready for my next visit. I already have plans for what I would like to do and I can’t wait to meet up again with all the wonderful friends I made. But that’s a while off yet. For now I thought I would talk to you about some of the things I experienced, starting with, the journey there. I logged all note worthy aspects of my flight to Korea and what I did to pass the time, because it was a very long flight and I thought some of you might like to know what to expect if you plan to travel to South Korea. So, without further ado, here is my travel log from Manchester UK to Seoul SK:

17:45 (Manchester time) = Plane takes off. Sunny warm weather. Chatting to two lovely ladies (Hi Jackie and Cisca) from Holland who are travelling home from their holiday in the Lake District. They ask me to teach them some Korean customs. I happily oblige. They also ask for me to give them the name of my blog. Again, I am happy to oblige.

18:15 = Snacks and drinks are served. We get an egg sandwich, a caramel biscuit, a glass

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

of water and I ask for a beer. I’m celebrating after all. Luke (the friend I am traveling with) looks like he’s asleep.

18:23 = Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze plays on my Spotify playlist. The lyrics “please excuse while I kiss the sky… I don’t know if I’m up or down… I don’t know if it’s day or night” seems particularly poignant

18:46 = We land in Amsterdam. Reminder that 8 o’clock is 2 minutes of Silence 2nd for world war…

20:49 (Amsterdam time) = We buy beers. Flight is delayed. Luke tries on one of the dust masks I brought with me, with my sunglasses on too. Hilarity ensues


21:08 = Our second round of beers. The big boy plane taking us to Seoul arrives. We prepare to board.

21:22 = The plane is delayed for a further 30 mins. I Skype my brother.

22:23 = We finally queue for our flight. I am exhausted but we have to stay up for our dinner to be served. Gimme that food!

22:46 = on a plane. An ajushi (an older Korean gentleman) is in the window seat on my row. No-one else sits next to me and I am sat on the aisle seat so I have plenty of room. Ready to sleep to be honest. Estimated journey time 9h 41m

22:54 = I’ve just realised its 05:54 in Seoul… If I want to adjust to Korean time, I want about 5 hours of sleep… or to wake up at around 11 KST…

23:34 = We take off. Everyone just wants to sleep. The poor ajushi next to the window is clearly exhausted. Cleaned my face with a face wipe and put my night cream on. I want to sleep but don’t want to miss the food cause I am quite hungry.

23:46 = I get my pillow and eye mask ready, I need sleeeeep.

23:57 = Other passengers are taking their shoes AND socks off… please, no, don’t be these people.

00:45 = Food is served. Bad bibimbap and a slightly weird salad, everything else is good so I enjoy the cheese and crackers and the pudding which is like a caramel cheesecake thing . I finish my book, The Wonder by Emma Donahue.

01:35 = I neeed sleep but the guy next to me needed the toilet and got up… so I have to wait for him… once he’s back though, I’m going straight to sleep.


07:13 = I wake up, and actually feel pretty well rested. I want to brush my teeth and wash up though. Can not wait to have a shower… 2 hours till land

07:24 = I put on a tea tree sheet mask cause my skin felt gross. I used the warmed towel handed out first and then put on my mask. It’s on for 20 mins

07:35 = I have butterflies in my stomach… I can’t believe I’m nearly there 😱

07:47 = The mask comes off. I feel so refreshed and much more awake.

07:50 = Breakfast is served. It includes eggs, tomatoes, cheese, bread, fruit and yogurt.  Oh and coffee… lots of coffee…

08:02 = Conclusion. Food was good. Coffee was baaaddddd

08:11 = Luke didn’t sleep at all. He feels “like he’s been hit with a bat” I put on my under-eye collagen patches so that I don’t look quite so dead. These stay on for 20 minutes.

08:15 = Under an hour to land. Excited doesn’t even cover it!

08:31 = Eye patches come off. I really need a wee 😭😭

08:42 = Got back from the bathroom. Had a quick wash, moisturised my skin and brushed/dry shampoo’d my hair. I feel way more human now. However I can’t find my toothbrush… I hope I haven’t left it at home… some gum will suffice for now.

08:57 = Just filled out my arrival card. Anyone else always get worried you haven’t declared something even though you have nothing to declare? No? Just me? Okay… 15

Tired, but happy to be in Korea.

minutes to land!

09:04 = I can see Korea!

16:15 (Seoul Time) = And we’ve landed. It’s a nice sunny afternoon in Incheon Airport!! Now, off to Seoul.

Personally, I found that my headphones were one of the most useful things I brought with me. That and my neck pillow. You are given some headphones on the longer flight with KLM but I like to use my own as they are more comfortable. They were great when I slept and combined with my neck pillow and sleep mask, I slept so much better. On the way home from Seoul I actually didn’t use my eye mask or my earphones and slept terribly. So my advice, use your headphones to play relaxing music for sleep or just to block out plane noise, bring a comfortable neck pillow (you might be given a pillow on the plane as well but they aren’t very supportive) and wear a mask over your eyes, cause its never completely dark on the plane.

What are your tips for a long journey? Please let me know in the comments below.

긴 여행을 위한 조언은 무엇입니까? 아래 의견을 알려 주십시오.


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