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Barbecue time – 바비큐 시간

Summer is well and truly here and in true British style, as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds, my family and I decided we needed to buy some beers and dine outdoors. Personally I think barbecue’s are fun but are often so overly hyped up. The best kind of barbecue is where you can relax and you don’t have to stress too much over the food. In my opinion, the simpler the better.

Bearing this in mind, I wanted to share with you how I prepare my favourite things to cook for a barbecue, so you too can share the joy of simplicity and soak up that sun as much a possible.

Burgers – 버거

I like to combine two meats in my burgers. I mix 500g of lean beef mince with 500g of 19.26.29sausage meat in a bowl and add finely diced white onion and 2 garlic cloves, also finely chopped. After mixing with your hands (it’s the best way to smush it all together), I crack an egg into the mix to help insure they all combine and mix together again until evenly mixed. Add seasoning if you wish, but I don’t season my burgers, cause they already taste pretty darn good. After shaping them into patties they are ready to grill. You want to cook them over hot coals for about 4 minutes each side. For the perfect burger DON’T TOUCH THEM until it’s time to flip. This way, you ensure the perfect grill mark and the meat and onions caramelise. If you want cheese, add it just before you remove the patty from the grill, cover with lid and let the cheese melt for a few minutes. Then serve on a toasted bun and add whatever additional toppings and sauces you like.

Hot-dogs – 핫도그

19.33.12Now the cooking the sausage is pretty straight forward. You don’t need to mess with that. Just buy your sausages of choice, grill them until nice and cooked all the way through and its done. The real work needs to be put into the onions with the sausage. Not everyone likes onion with their hot-dog, but I think its a classic flavour combination that is too good to pass up on. I peel, half and finely slice one whole large white onion and one equally large sweet onion. I then liberally oil a pan and add a good portion of butter too and heat it until the added butter has melted completely. I then add my sliced onions, turn the heat to low and cover the pan. And I leave them be for about half an hour, checking occasionally to make sure that there aren’t any burning or sticking to the pan. After half an hour, I remove the lid, stir in a pinch of salt and a slightly larger pinch of white sugar, and replace the lid again. I cook until all the onions are translucent and slightly darker in colour. Then I put them in a foil tray, take it out to the grill and keep them close to the heat of the barbecue so that they don’t get cold.

King Prawn – 왕새우

This one is super simple. Buy them fresh. Buy them with shells and head on. Clean them. Grill them until completely pink. Remove the shells. Add a touch of lemon juice and enjoy! Delicious.

Coleslaw – 콜슬로

This too is super simple, or at least I find it super simple. Shred half a head of a small 2018-05-28 19white cabbage, grate a large carrot and place both in a bowl. As a nice addition you can add any other shredded or grated vegetable, leaf or fruit that you want that will work with the rest of your meal. I like adding grated apple sometimes, or like in this photo I add shredded kale. Mix the ingredients a little before then adding a teaspoon of onion powder, some salt and pepper to taste and add 2 large tablespoons of thick Greek yogurt and another 2 tablespoons of light mayonnaise. Mix it all together and it’s ready to eat.



Pork Belly – 삼겹살

19.42.09While this requires the most preparation, it’s one of my absolute favourite things to eat. You could just cook it as it is and grill it immediately after removing its packaging. I like to marinate it for about a day before cooking. I mix light soy sauce, sesame oil, smashed garlic, sliced red chilli, local honey and a splash of water and then pour this mixture over the strips of pork belly in a foil tray. I then completely cover the tray with tin-foil and keep it in the fridge to get to know each other. Once its marinated for at least a few hours, I take it out of the marinade and grill. Again DO NOT TOUCH IT until it is time to flip it over. You shouldn’t need to oil the grill, and the meat shouldn’t stick so don’t worry about that. Once you can see the meat turning opaque about halfway up, then you can flip the strip of pork belly and cook the other side. Once completely opaque you can either remove the meat from the grill and slice up on a board. OR you can do what I like to do which is place the foil tray with the marinade in on the grill, let it start to reduce and get thick and then use scissors to slice the pork belly into the now deliciously sticky sauce and coat the pork belly pieces in the spicy/sweet loveliness.


I hope you enjoy using these recipes and if you do use any of them for a barbecue of your own please tag me in a picture of the finished result using my handle @connieunkiga on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. And let me know what you like to cook for a barbecue in the comments below. 이 조리법들을 즐겨 쓰시길 바라며, 만약 여러분이 그것들을 바베큐로 사용하신다면 트위터, 인스타그램, 페이스북에서@connieunkiga 사용하여 완성된 결과 사진에 태그를 달아 주세요. 그리고 바베큐를 위해 무엇을 요리하고 싶은지 알려 주세요.

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