Not sleeping isn’t impressive: the reasons I always try to get 5 hours sleep or more – 잠을 자지 않는 것은 인상적이지 않다:내가 항상 5시간 이상 자려고 하는 이유



I love sleeping. It’s the best. Ask any member of my family and they will tell you just how much I LOVE sleeping. Its so hard to get me out of bed when I don’t want to and I can sleep through anything (which makes setting alarms a bit of an adventure). I not only love sleeping but I just love being in bed and getting ready35927165_10216770590487288_9104772948836745216_n  for bed. I wish I could live in pyjamas all the time and always stay snuggled up with my pillows and duvet. I like to light candles, spray my bed linen with lavender spray and listen to something calming as I wind down to get ready to sleep. That doesn’t happen every night, but every perfect night is like that.



I am baffled by people who choose not to sleep. Or who actively don’t sleep for a solid 8 hours every night. If I do that I’m exhausted by midday and need a nap (which I guess means I’m basically a giant toddler). I know there are some people who have less sleep than I do, and lots of people start the day suuuper early so they can exercise or get work done. In fact at the moment I am trying to get up early enough each day to do 40 minutes of exercise before I start my day. And I think that can be really good for people, cause 35737668_10216770280679543_7409998722353856512_nsleeping in loads can throw your day out of kilter and leave you with a weird sleeping pattern, or it can make you feel awful. What baffles me is when people go without sleep because they work through the nights and into the day again.

Particularly in students, and young people aspiring to prove themselves, this pattern is particularly prevalent. I see Instagram stories, and Snap-chat stories of people in their libraries until daft-o’clock, or people will talk bout how they only slept for ‘x’ many hours in a sort of humble brag. I also read stories, from sources all over the world, about how public figures and influencers rest so little during their busy periods they get around 4 hours sleep a week. A WEEK! That’s nuts.

Pushing yourself to the point of burning out isn’t a sign of impressiveness or success. It means your working too hard and not in a smart way. People say “work hard, play hard”. Well, I believe you should work hard and rest hard. Resting doesn’t need to mean you can’t ‘play’. In fact, a vital part of resting hard should be looking after yourself physically and mentally, so exercising or doing something you know you enjoy can be included as part of rest. When you don’t allow yourself time to rest and recover, you actually work less well. You need the recuperation time to get yourself working your best. You wouldn’t run after straining a muscle in your leg. Continuing to work without rest, in my opinion, is like straining your brain.

I’m currently in the process of writing my dissertation. Now, writing a 15000 word dissertation is hard enough in itself. But, because I’m me and I don’t like making things easy for myself, I’m trying to submit my dissertation earlier than the general deadline as I will be in Seoul again when everyone else will be handing theirs in. Does that mean I’m staying up really late, chugging coffee and getting myself into a panic. No no no. I mean, who know’s how stressed I’ll be closer to my new deadline, but right now I’m setting a regular timetable, working to a schedule and I’m making sure I fit things into my week that are fun and restful. Giving myself these breaks, and changes in how and spend my time actually makes me way more productive. I’m working smarter, not just harder. 


If you are going through a period of high stress. If you have deadlines, or exams or if your work is just piling up, please take the time to look after yourself. A lack of sleep means you are more likely to get ill or injured , to feel depressed, your blood pressure is higher, you are more likely to develop poor eating habits and your digestion works less well. It’s so much better for you to close down your computer, put away your phone and finish your work at a sensible time, and rest. You can start again the next day and you will feel so much better. To be honest, your work will probably be a better quality too.

In a previous post, my friend Cheryl spoke about why her skincare routine was important to her. I also like to look after my skin, and my nighttime routine includes shutting down all my tech, playing some music and washing, cleansing and generally pampering my skin before I go to sleep. It helps me wind down, and it is a physical and metaphorical way for me to wash the day away. If skincare isn’t your thing, I also recommend reading or doing some sort of craft, meditation or yoga, or colouring books are really relaxing too (yes, colouring books are yet another way I’m like a giant toddler). Find something that can help you relax, and start getting the amount of sleep that your body and your mind really needs. Now, don’t mind me, but I’m writing this in the evening and its almost my bedtime. Nighty-night! – 잘자!


What do you like to do before you go to bed? How do you like to unwind? Please leave a comment and let me know. 자기 전에 뭐 하는 거 좋아해요? 어떻게 긴장을 푸십니까? 코멘트 남겨 주시고 알려 주세요.

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