Creativity, productivity and memory; the BIG and the little.

So in one of my classes this year, I taught about the skills that you can learn from performance, performance techniques and performance training, one of the most significant of these being creativity. In this particular class, I introduced the idea of big ‘C’ and little ‘c’ creativity. Big ‘C’ creativity is eminent creativity which is reserved for the great, the renowned and the famous. It is something that many may aspire to, but few often achieve. Little ‘c’ creativity is the everyday creativity, which can be found in and achieved by nearly all people.

Creativity is what sets us apart from other animals, its what helps us to learn and to adapt to new situations, it encourages independence of thought and a willingness to take risks and seek new perspectives. It is also seen as a way to perceive new relationships, make new connections, and generate new ideas. Creativity helps to bring about the next, newer, better thing. We are creative through the memories we gather and what we learn from them, and the things we make and our productivity.

Alongside all the goals and all of the things I’d like to achieve, I want to be sure that I allow myself to celebrate the BIG and the little things that I do and achieve. Big and little ‘c’ creativity, and big and little productivity and memory. As some of you know, I already have a website called ‘Little Victories‘ where the main goals are to celebrate the big and the little victories that we can all experience in everyday. I’d like to start noticing many of the other things we experience everyday alongside the #LittleVictories.

While it’s good to have BIG goals, little ones are just as important and just as worth noticing. Often the end of the year people reflect on the past 12 months. I see so many people posting how much they regret things in the last year, or how they can’t wait for the year to end. And even though there may be many personal reasons as to why this year wasn’t perfect, I want to sure to celebrate the things that were pretty darn great. I produced many amazing things, like my first YouTube video, more lessons than I can count and numerous blog posts. I was able to create and make things that I enjoyed and that others enjoyed too, and I made so many memories and was reminded of previous memories that I had through the things I experienced this year.

2019 wasn’t perfect. Not by a long shot. And there are so many things that I’d like to improve or develop. But there were lots of awesome things too. I think it’d be a great practice for us all to remember the good stuff, both big and little.

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