Hi, my name is Connie. It’s nice to meet you! 

I’m a blogger and content creator from Manchester in the UK, but based in Seoul, South Korea. I am moving to Korea to teach at a university and to learn what I can do to help change the current standard of mental well being in South Korea as it has the highest suicide rate of any OECD country. You can read more about my work with mental health, and the work of others, at www.celebratinglittlevictories.com

While mental health and mental well being is at the core of what I do, that isn’t all I talk about. I am learning Korean, slowly and I’m a bit of a culture vulture. I love the theatre, books, art, poetry, music, food but, most of all, I enjoy sharing my own stories and providing a space for others to share their stories.

If you have any feedback, or if you just want to say hi, please do leave a comment or contact me through my social media links @connieunkiga , or even check out my Contacts page to send me an email.


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