My first Big Fat Korean Wedding – 나의 첫번째 크고 뚱뚱한 한국 결혼식

One of the most exciting things that is happening on my next trip to South Korea is that I am attending the wedding of one of my oldest friends. 이소윤, who I knew from school as Christina, is getting married (to the very lovely  박정남). We met up in Itaewon for drinks and dessert, chatted a […]


The reason why I don’t have a best friend and why that’s okay – 내가 가장 친한 친구가 없고 그것에 대해 행복한 이유는

“So who’s your best friend Connie” When I was in Primary school I dreaded this question. I hated it when I saw pairs of friends walking around, whispering secrets, playing games or speaking languages that only they knew cause they were ‘best fwends’. I thought that something was wrong with me because I didn’t have […]

Not sleeping isn’t impressive: the reasons I always try to get 5 hours sleep or more – 잠을 자지 않는 것은 인상적이지 않다:내가 항상 5시간 이상 자려고 하는 이유

  I love sleeping. It’s the best. Ask any member of my family and they will tell you just how much I LOVE sleeping. Its so hard to get me out of bed when I don’t want to and I can sleep through anything (which makes setting alarms a bit of an adventure). I not […]