Seoul Survivors – 서울 생존자

While I was in Seoul, I met so many amazing people and I had such a great time. But now that I’m home I can’t help but feel a little sad. I enjoyed my time so much and was so excited and busy and happy, the time just flew by. It felt so fleeting. AndContinue reading “Seoul Survivors – 서울 생존자”

Choose your words wisely – 말을 현명하게 골라라

Recently I’ve been thinking about how the words we use can determine how we and others feel. Studying PR at a masters level means I think a lot about how simply changing one word in a slogan or catch-phrase can completely transform the overall message. I thought about the effect of words particularly during oneContinue reading “Choose your words wisely – 말을 현명하게 골라라”

What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나

I have mentioned before in previous posts that I had attended a church while I was in Seoul. What I haven’t spoken about was what the actual experience of going to a Korean Church was like. And to be honest, it wasn’t that different from Church back in the UK. Except for, y’know, it wasContinue reading “What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나”

Book Review: The Wonder – 책 리뷰:그 원더

The Wonder by Emma Donoghue was my read of choice for my Journey to Seoul. I had started it on the shorter flight from Manchester to Amsterdam, and finished it partway through my 11 hour journey from Amsterdam to Incheon. through I had heard mixed reviews about this book, but was intrigued by the book’sContinue reading “Book Review: The Wonder – 책 리뷰:그 원더”

My first trip to Korea: things I didn’t expect – 나의 첫번째 한국 여행:내가 기대하지 않았던 것들

There is only so much google, YouTube and asking questions (or in my case pestering your friends for information) can tell you about a place before actually going there. And trust me, I did A LOT of research before going to South Korea, especially since I had never travelled to Asia before and its suchContinue reading “My first trip to Korea: things I didn’t expect – 나의 첫번째 한국 여행:내가 기대하지 않았던 것들”