Exploring Sokcho – The cut-off coastline.

Settling into my life here in Seoul has been a bit hectic. I’m still not quite in the flow of things and last weekend marked a month since I moved here. I’d started to feel a little rundown and tired… I was stuck in a rut. I felt stuck and like everything was too difficult.Continue reading “Exploring Sokcho – The cut-off coastline.”

Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기

Barbecue time – 바비큐 시간 Summer is well and truly here and in true British style, as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds, my family and I decided we needed to buy some beers and dine outdoors. Personally I think barbecue’s are fun but are often so overly hyped up. TheContinue reading “Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기”

What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나

I have mentioned before in previous posts that I had attended a church while I was in Seoul. What I haven’t spoken about was what the actual experience of going to a Korean Church was like. And to be honest, it wasn’t that different from Church back in the UK. Except for, y’know, it wasContinue reading “What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나”

Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기

My Dreamy, Creamy Mac & Cheese If you have never had Mac & Cheese before, I’m so sorry that your culinary experiences has been lacking thus far, however I am here and I am prepared with a recipe to CHANGE YOUR LIFE… or y’know, to give you something tasty to try. Now this is justContinue reading “Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기”