My Journey – 나의 여행

Hi all, I got back from my first trip to Korea yesterday (16th May)  and, while I’m still exhausted from the jet lag, I am already so excited and ready for my next visit. I already have plans for what I would like to do and I can’t wait to meet up again with allContinue reading “My Journey – 나의 여행”

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – 비행기, 기차와 자동차.

Planes – 비행기 So the big kahuna. The 11+ hour mode of transportation. The plane journey. I can’t lie to you, the journey from the UK to South Korea is loooooooooong. I looked at so many different sites and airlines, not only to find a cheap-ish ticket but also, to find a journey that wasn’t insanelyContinue reading “Planes, Trains and Automobiles – 비행기, 기차와 자동차.”

Surviving a Masters – 석사 학위를 따는 방법

In early summer 2017 I decided to apply for a masters. This was not something I had planned to do when I finished my undergraduate degree, as I am not the most academically inclined. Writing my dissertation for my undergrad was a real challenge, and I have never been great at exams or essays. ButContinue reading “Surviving a Masters – 석사 학위를 따는 방법”