Race and Mental Health: pt 2

“I can’t breathe”. Not only the last words of George Floyd but also the overwhelming feeling that black people have been experiencing recently. A quiet determination to exist and thrive within the confines of systematic racism has been exchanged for a cacophony of anger, sadness and all the in between. The black community has been, andContinue reading “Race and Mental Health: pt 2”

Human Acts – a review

This year from May 18 to May 27 will mark the 40 year anniversary of The Gwangju Uprising. During this period, Gwangju citizens took up arms (by robbing local armouries and police stations) when local Chonnam University students who were demonstrating against the martial law government were fired upon, killed, raped and beaten by government troops.The event is sometimesContinue reading “Human Acts – a review”

I need a Creativity boost.

I’ve been finding myself in a bit of a rut recently. I’ve felt like there’s something lacking. And honestly, its made me feel very depressed and stressed. There are so many wonderful things happening in my life; meeting great people, making wonderful memories, being in the place I’ve worked so long and hard to getContinue reading “I need a Creativity boost.”

How to access healthcare in Seoul.

So, very specific post coming up, but because of the week I have had it feels very relevant. I’m currently recovering from a SERIOUSLY long bout of feeling kinda ‘meh’ mentally (which in actual medical terms means I’ve been fluctuation between feeling mildly depressed, mildly anxious, mildly anxious and depressed and then just kinda coping)Continue reading “How to access healthcare in Seoul.”