Little Victories – 작은 승리

74192c8e-5b71-4daf-8f10-9aa65dc4cc87.pngWhen I was younger I really struggled with feelings of depression and anxiety. I started feeling this way when I was in sixth form, and I wasn’t diagnosed officially until about a year later. At that time, I struggled to see anything in my life as something to be proud of. A friend of mine, to whom I will be forever grateful, told me to end each day by listing 4 things that had made me happy or proud that day, and 3 things I was looking forward to tomorrow. I could say anything, no matter how small, it counted cause it made me feel good. Even if it was something tiny like ‘I made the bed this morning’. She said to me:

“celebrate every little victory, because they are worth celebrating.”

I still struggle with depression and anxiety today, and I hope that my experiences will be a comfort to those who have similar experiences. These posts will be about discussing the issues and the ins and outs surrounding mental health and how may people live with33994681_446024182534784_1105496939580882944_o various states of mental health. I will try to provide a space where we can talk openly, ask for advice and help, share stories and experiences as well as celebrating as many little victories as possible. Please feel free to share your own stories on social media using #LittleVictories so I can find them.




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