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Blogger, Teacher, Creative

Hi there! I’m Connie and this is my website. I love to tell stories and oftentimes you’ll find me with a book, a cup of tea or coffee and day dreaming about good cheese.

I’m living in South Korea at the moment and I’m slowly adapting to life here, as I intend to be here for a long time.

For my first year here I’m working as a teacher at a university just outside central Seoul. I’m teaching lots of different subjects, but all in English. There are lots of projects I’d like to work on in the future, so please stay tuned 😀

The name ‘Connieunkiga’ comes from when I was just starting to learn Korean, and I wanted to learn how to say ‘Connie is tall’ which is 코니는 키가 크다 (Or ‘Connieun kiga kuda’).

I decided to start a blog and change my internet presence to Connieunkiga because I wanted to be funny/clever… only to realise 2 years later that technically it should be ConnieNeunkiga BUT IT WAS TOO LATE CAUSE I PRINTED IT ON 500 BUSINESS CARDS SO MY SPELLING MISTAKE IS JUST MY NAME NOW OKAY!?

I love meeting and talking to people about Korea and the work I’m doing there, as well as everything I’m learning about such an interesting and unique country. I’ve really enjoyed being able to experience a culture so different from my own and face challenges and and differences that I wouldn’t have experienced or learned from in my own country. Also, the food is dope.

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