Seoul Survivors – 서울 생존자

While I was in Seoul, I met so many amazing people and I had such a great time. But now that I’m home I can’t help but feel a little sad. I enjoyed my time so much and was so excited and busy and happy, the time just flew by. It felt so fleeting. AndContinue reading “Seoul Survivors – 서울 생존자”

Choose your words wisely – 말을 현명하게 골라라

Recently I’ve been thinking about how the words we use can determine how we and others feel. Studying PR at a masters level means I think a lot about how simply changing one word in a slogan or catch-phrase can completely transform the overall message. I thought about the effect of words particularly during oneContinue reading “Choose your words wisely – 말을 현명하게 골라라”

Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기

Barbecue time – 바비큐 시간 Summer is well and truly here and in true British style, as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds, my family and I decided we needed to buy some beers and dine outdoors. Personally I think barbecue’s are fun but are often so overly hyped up. TheContinue reading “Cooking with Connie – 코니와 함께 요리하기”

Guest Post ~ Cheryl Wong: Self-care through Skin care – 고객 포스트 ~ 셰릴 웡 : 피부 관리를 통한 셀프 케어

Hey friends of Connie! I’m so excited to be meeting you guys on her lovely blog which I know you guys adore. I’m so honoured and flattered that Connie has given me this opportunity to meet all her lovely readers and talk about something that I love with all of my heart. Before we goContinue reading “Guest Post ~ Cheryl Wong: Self-care through Skin care – 고객 포스트 ~ 셰릴 웡 : 피부 관리를 통한 셀프 케어”

What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나

I have mentioned before in previous posts that I had attended a church while I was in Seoul. What I haven’t spoken about was what the actual experience of going to a Korean Church was like. And to be honest, it wasn’t that different from Church back in the UK. Except for, y’know, it wasContinue reading “What Church was like in Korea – 한국에서는 교회가 어땠나”